Climate Change ABCS

A series of 56 posters explaining the effects of climate change in layman's terms. Designed to spark conversation and ignite curiosity. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Braided River.jpg


There is no single path better than another. The channels in braided rivers intricately cross and weave, creating a beautiful and bountiful landscape. Regrettably, few braided river systems remain in North America. The waterways of the Columbia River and the Willamette River, as examples, have been tamed and molded by man-made paths. The Copper River Delta of southeastern Alaska offers an untamed river system, a wild habitat for key species where differences keeps things lively and interesting.



Life is about the journey, not just the destination. But what happens when the route becomes too arduous to travel? Changes in the environment leave migratory birds without basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter on their flyways. Increased temperatures shift migration patterns, which leads to a loss of habitat, food shortages, and a decreased survival rate.



How do you perceive your actions? Know that your behavior can have a significant impact. Seek out scientific information that expands your understanding, while you consciously question the authenticity of your sources. Act with intention, and make choices to positively affect the world. Live with the mission that everything we do is connected to the planet.


A cornerstone of Pacific Northwest living, Oregon is the nation’s hidden treasure. Because of climate change, Oregon now faces increased risk for extreme heat, wildfires, drought, winter storms, flooding, and landslides. These intense conditions threaten many species, and in response, over 150 researchers from Oregon universities gather as a part of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute to study sustainability and the impacts of climate change.


Nature is a compelling mix of science and beauty. Science explains why a tree’s leaves change with the season and how the reflection of water droplets can cause a rainbow. Yet nature also prompts larger questions about existence and meaning. How do humans fit into the grand scheme of things, and what toll does our existence take on the planet? Embrace curiosity and enjoy the splendor of our environment.



Passion leads to action. As we share what we’ve learned, we hope to inform, inspire, and invoke a sense of urgency for individuals to take care of the environment. From investing in individual passion projects to working on the United Nations sustainability goals, no deed is too small to go unnoticed.


The team:
Designer: Kevin Camacho
Designer: Sydney Humble
Designer: Emilie Weiss
Designer: Gabrielle Gomez
Copy: Lauren Fields
Copy: yours truly