The Prefontaine Classic already sells out every year. We created promotional executions to help it sell out even faster this year.


A digital mixtape with songs that Steve Prefontaine might listened to (on his cassette tapes) allows listeners to train like Pre. 

pre's laptop.png


you're invited playlist.png

More experiential, this playlist explicitly invites listeners to the 2018 Prefontaine Classic. 


The best runners in the world will be here soon. They're on their way to run victory laps inside Hayward Field, how cool is that? So, come, bring your friends, and watch the stars of track and field jump the hurdle and run really fast. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.57.25 PM.png


Given out for free at Nike stores in Portland and authorized Nike retailers, such as The Duck Store in Eugene. 

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yellow sticker.png

Designer: Braydee Mahan

Copy: yours truly